Juliette’s Tea at Riverpoint

September 16, 2018

What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon but to have a Tea Party, just like the ones Juliette had.  Wearing their beautiful and creative hats, 26 Alumnae members attended the Juliette’s Tea at Riverpoint on Sunday September 16th.   Alumnae members brought their teacup and shared their stories.  Some stories brought tears with fond memories and others laughter, like Martha’s rendition of facetime teacup pictures.  Other teacups were definitely antiques, while some were last minute purchases.  The tables were covered with white lace tablecloths, the chairs were adorned in white covers with blue ties to match the blue napkins.  Centerpieces were made with yellow and white daisies in past years’ candy tins.

Old friends got to see each other and reminisce over camp days at Riverpoint.  The dock is still gone from the hurricane, but Maryann reported that repairs are being scheduled. The lodge has had some major improvements (air conditioners and windows to mention a few). All and all it was a beautiful afternoon on the Banana River, sipping tea and laugh with Girl Scout friends.

Thank you to the Archive Team for the sandwiches, fruits, scones and tea and all their hard work planning this event.

Capone’s Dinner Theatre

April 21, 2018

The GSC Alumnae hosted an AWESOME event at Capone’s Dinner Theatre on April 21st.  Capone’s, is a gangster themed comedy dinner show, which will have you in stitches. Members of GSC Alumnae had front row seats which put Martha Spruitenburg and her husband Rik in all the action. The show was entertaining and hysterical, in an all-new show that delivered loads of laughs, gangster action, audience interaction and toe-tapping musical productions. The dinner show included an all-you-can-eat dinner buffet, dessert, and drinks.

Citrus Gold’s Work Hard, Then Play Day

February 16-18, 2018

The “Work Hard, Then Play Day” at Riverpoint, hosted by Citrus Gold Alumnae, was held February 16- 18, 2018.  The weekend included service projects, good food and fun activities. Twenty-three people attended.  During three hours of work on Saturday morning, much was accomplished – an overall cleaning of the lodge; debris removal from the waterfront including the oyster beds that were destroyed by Hurricane Irma; and the clearing of a major portion of the nature trail. Afterwards the group played and relaxed the rest of the weekend. The fun included a lesson in making monkey bread, crafts, brain exercises, a variety of games, relaxation, reflexology and so much more!!!

Good Friends + Beautiful Weather + Hard Work + Fun + Laughs + Great Food = PERFECT WEEKEND

Bahamas Bound!

January 5-8, 2018

The GSC Alumnae Second Annual Cruise was held January 5-8, 2018, with 46 members aboard Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas. From Friday evening through Monday morning, days and nights were filled with fun activities, spending time with old friends and making new friends. Highlights were a scavenger hunt, door decorating contest, games session and karaoke.

With our CEO, we greeted the captain of the ship and introduced him to Girl Scout Cookies. Many enjoyed a variety of Nassau excursions like pub crawl and sailing with snorkeling. The games session of “Doodle Dice” and “Left, Center, Right” had everyone laughing and cheering so much that people walking by had to see what was so exciting. For anyone unable to cruise with us this year, we look forward to seeing you on the 2019 Third Annual Alumnae Cruise!


Girl Scouts of Citrus Alumnae Tea Party

October 30, 2017

GSC Alumnae were joined by members of the Winter Park Antique Society for a lovely tea at the Council Service Center on October 30, 2017. The Tea Party was sponsored by the Archive Team who served 28 attendees with cucumber or egg salad sandwiches, homemade scones, and a variety of hot teas. Many stories about tea cups were shared, some from great grandparents to foreign collections. Girl Scout history was discussed and everyone was able to tour Juliette’s Place and view displays throughout the building.